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1.   How will I benefit studying at Personal Trainer Course major in BJJ?

2. Can any person join the BJJ course?

3. How many days a week do I need to attend?

4. Can I choose my timetable?

5. How long will my student visa last?

6. Can i get Work Permission?

7. How much does the BJJ course cost?

8. How does the course works?

9.  Do I need to speak fluent English to join the BJJ course?

10. When can I start the course?

11. What are student visa-holders rights in Australia?

12.  What are the most common jobs students get?

13. Do I need to speak fluent English to get a job?

14. Is it easy to find a place to live? How much does it cost?

1. How will I benefit from studying at AASF and majoring in BJJ?

The most obvious benefit is gaining knowledge of one of the most effective means of self-defence available and the resulting confidence this will build into your character, which can be enjoyed by all ages, genders and skill levels. Men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes can therefore become very good at it. Training is gradual, but as you progress through the belt structure you will learn to defend yourself against increasingly demanding attacks, using a system of throws, locks and strikes.

There are tremendous emotional improvements that come with the study of BJJ. This can be used to confront and overcome the inevitable failures and mistakes that will occur in the course of your training and competing. You are going to get fit and have an opportunity to stay and study in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

2. Can any person join the AASF course and major in BJJ?

Yes. You do not need to be fit to start learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, regular training will improve your general fitness, flexibility, strength, coordination, reaction time and, above all, self-confidence.

3. How many hours do I have to study?

All international students are required to attend 20 hours of studies per week. AASF Personal Trainer Course major in BJJ consists of 15 hours Practical training and 5 hours Theory Studies.


Can I choose my own timetable?

Yes. You can make your own timetable. Please note that you have to complete 15 hours Practical training and 5 hours Theory Studies per week.

Theory studies: Our Theory studies is Self-Study style. You can always ask AASF tutors if you have questions. Our study room is open 8:00 to 20:00, Monday to Friday.

Practical training (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu):
Monday to Friday 10:00 till 12:00
Tuesday/Thursday 17:30 till 19:00
Mon/Wed/Fri 19:00 till 21:00


How long will my student visa last?

It depends in how long you want to study, it can last a minimum of 12 weeks or up to 2 years.

6. Can I get Work Permission?

Yes. You can be eligible and receive permission to work 20 hours per week.


How much does the BJJ course cost?

The course is divided in Certificate I, Certificate II, Certificate III and Certificate IV

Courses Cert I Cert II Cert III Cert IV
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 3 months 6 months 1 year 2 years
AUD$ 1.800,00 AUD$ 2.600,00 AUD$ 5.200,00 AUD$ 10.400,00
* Prices AUD

Enrollment Fee is 250 AUD. Included a kimono.


How does the course works?

The course comprises BJJ physical training work on the mats and personal training course theory in the classroom. So, you basically study Personal Training theory in the classroom and do physical Jiu Jitsu training on the mats.

Personal Training – Depending on course length you can get Certificates I, II, III or IV. Courses are recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework, which includes up to four levels of certificate. The AQF is the qualifications system that ensures your study is nationally recognised. Our courses are internationally recognised in all countries in which Australian educational credentials are recognised.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Depending on course length you apply for? Belt levels: white, blue, purple, brown and black.


Do I need to speak fluent English to join the BJJ course?

There are no academic requirements for entry to AASF, however each application will be assessed for candidate suitability and your English abilities may be questioned. To attend the academy you may have to have sufficient English language standards.

The following minimal levels will give direct entry; IELTS (Score) = 5.5, TOEFL (Score) = 530 total, or an Australian English College Pass stating Intermediate level.

10. When can I start the course?

You can begin anytime of the year.

The school operates 4 terms:
Term 1 30 Jan 2006 – 31 March 2006 (9 Weeks)
Term 2 24 April 2006 – 23 June 2006 (9 Weeks)
Term 3 17 July 2006 – 15 September 2006 (9 Weeks)
Term 4 9 October 2006 – 8 December 2005 (9 Weeks)


What are the student visa-holders rights in Australia?

Go to the DIMIA web site for all information: www.immi.gov.au


What are the most common jobs students get?

Most students work in shops, bars, restaurants, snack bars, markets, fruit shops and other places where they can conciliate study hours with working hours.


Do I need to speak fluent English to get a job?

Getting a job in Australia depends on each person’s efforts but English proficiency takes a part too. The better English the student speaks the more job options he/she will have. Students who are still not confident regarding the language have more limited options in jobs. They can get jobs such as kitchen hands, pizza delivery, cleaners, car washers, etc.

But remember, Australia is a country with lots of migrants and people of several nationalities from all over the world and the Australian themselves are used to different languages and people with accents. If your English proficiency is not that good, don’t worry because they are very polite and understanding of foreigners living or visiting Australia.


Is it easy to find a place to live? How much does it cost?

There are different prices depending on the suburb and the size of the house/apartment you are going to choose.

City/Suburb: Northen Beaches
Furnished Apartment

(2 Bedrooms)

From AUD$ 320 to

AUD$ 480 per week

Unfurnished Apartment

(2 Bedrooms)

From AUD$ 250 to

AUD$ 400 per week

Please note that when you rent a house/apartment:

- You have to pay a bond (refundable deposit) that is equivalent to 4 to 6 weeks of the rent in arrears.

- You have to pay rent for the first week in advance

You will sign a 6 months to 12 months contract

- If you break the contract you might lose your bond money

- You will spend and average of AUD$100.00 to connect the utilities in the property such as energy, gas, telephone, etc.

- You must call each provider and request a connection to the property you rent

*These prices are approximate. Most students rent an apartment or house with other students to share the expenses.

For any other question please contact us.